A Charming English Manor House

Great Chalfield Manor
Great Chalfield Manor

Those who were expecting Part II of my camping saga will have to wait until next week. A nasty cold virus has temporarily rendered my little grey cells incapable of holding onto a thought long enough to do justice to the tale. Instead, I shall try a new post format and share with you a visit Mr. H and I made to Great Chalfield Manor last June. Continue reading


A Romantic Night on the Village


 This was originally going to be a blog about coffee and tea, and how the expectations British people have about coffee in America, and Americans have about tea in Britain, are often disappointed by reality. However, I am discovering, as writers must often do, that my blog is not cooperating. It simply will not behave and do what I tell it to do, and so it shall be abandoned for this week, and instead I shall tell you about what I suppose could be called my husband’s and my date night last evening. Continue reading

The National Trust

Oh, to be in England now that January’s there!

 The correct line from Robert Browning’s famous, oft-quoted poem is actually, “Oh, to be in England now that April’s there.” Perhaps Mr Browning was more than happy to be far away from this part of the world during the dark, rainy months of winter, but for those of us for whom spending the winter in Italy is not an option the shorter days and colder temperatures do not stop us from enjoying many of the wonders that the U.K. has to offer. A large proportion of those wonders are all covered under the umbrella that is the National Trust. Continue reading